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    I'll take the evo at 83.5% of it's size (3.6" screen) with a slide out portrait keyboard).

    or 70% (3" screen) with a pixi form factor.

    both of those are conditional on Palm not screwing up the keyboard because then I'll buy neither and stick with the Pixi or go to android due to their stupidity alone.

    and can we beef up the processor to 1.2gHz? Let's outdo the N1 and HD2. Gotta do it better since they can't market the thing worth a damn.
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    I want to put WebOS on a Nokia N900
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    Pretty much the Evo 4G with the smooth, stone-ish shape of the Pre (for use with the Touchstone). I don't really care for a physical keyboard as long as the software keyboard is designed well. I will, however, immediately pass on anything that has a horizontal keyboard.
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    How about using the oreo effect to our advantage. Imagine if the slider would rotate 90 degrees afer sliding so you would have a landscape screen and be able to use the current keyboard. Of course you would also be able to just slide it to.
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    I would like a touch pro 2 style body with a 4" capacitive glass screen. A row of physical buttons along the bottom for call, end, and menu/minimize, along with the gesture area below the screen. Give it the guts of a dual core Tegra2 with 512 ram or more, 32GB of internal storage, at least a 1500mAh battery, an FM transmitter, an RF transmitter/receiver, digital compass, and a mini HDMI out. I don't care if the device ends up being a tad on the large size, it would still be infinitely more pocketable than an iPad and much more usefull.
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    the pre plus with OMAP4, and slightly thinner, with better touch-screen responsiveness....oh and a little bit more ram
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    Quote Originally Posted by Walis View Post
    My dream webOS device is quite simple: take the Nexus One's design + specs - the scroll ball (I absolutely loathe them) and put webOS 2.0 (I know they're working on it).
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    my dream webos device would be modeled after the sony xperia x1
    with a 4.5in screen(with buttons removed)
    gesture area
    big battery
    OMAP4 or Tegra2
    microsd card slot
    12 megapixel camera
    front facing camera
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