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    Quote Originally Posted by PreJamison View Post
    I went on a little adventure today. I visited two Verizon stores in Northeast Ohio to check Palm's pulse. What I found really made me, well, angry. At each store, I told the CSR that I had a Blackberry Curve from work, but my wife wanted a smartphone for her birthday.

    Store #1 <snip>

    Store #2 -<snip> I asked if the Palm phones had any access to Facebook? Answer: No. They are windows based. They are only for spread sheets and stuff like that.

    What the hell VZW!
    I would not have been able to hold my face together after hearing that from the Rep. I would have been in tears from laughter.
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    I think it is time for a team to pull the pimp/prostitute deal that the couple did with ACORN, then take the next step to expose VZ

    PS: If it works, this could be a big media blitz and the perfect chance to talk about webOS and Palm....just a thought
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    that sucks I remember when the Pre first launched on Sprint I went into a store for my other phone and The had a designated employee can't remember if it was a Palm or Sprint employee but I just went over to take a look at it and he proceeded to give me about a 10 minute walk-through of what the phone could do I hadn't bought the phone yet but knew had read about it and planned to buy it when my upgrade came up and he was well informed and eager to sell me a pre so unfortunately verizon dropped the ball here but it's as to be expected because let's be hones the pre isn't going to make or break verizon. Sprint on the other hand was pushing it for it's life as well as palms.
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    The Sprint rep I talked to when I bought my Pre, although he had some knowledge, he didn't really pitch the phone either. I walked in to have my Instinct replaced because I bricked it.. (unknown to them). I asked if I could look around because I was bored with the my current proprietary pos. I didn't see the Pre on the shelves. Having followed the Pre I asked why they didn't have one. He then showed me one he had in the back. I asked him "how is it selling?" and he told me they where sold out. I thought to myself... "that's a good sign". But he didn't really seem to enthused about it. He was strutting a blackberry so.. that's understandable. If you're an iphone fan.. you're a die hard iphone fan. If you're a BB fan.. you're a die hard.. etc.. etc.. I know they're paid to set their personal preference aside and pitch what you're instructed but.. we're all still human.

    Long story short... I bought it because I wanted it. Not because the guy sold it to me. I will forever blame the death of this phone mostly to marketing. Everyone was scared to pitch it. Palm, Sprint, Verizon and etc.. I say scared because the plans of this phone where to kill competitors and raise the bar on smartphones but that mark had not been met yet. The Pre's death is inevitable. I just hope webOS survives! And it should. They are just now (1.4) starting to play with the big boyz. And with something so simple as adding video recording/editing capabilities. Something that has been pretty much a standard for years (not so much the ability to edit...). Multi tasking alone would never cut it. Multi-tasking doesn't matter if everything you can do "at the same time" still doesn't include the standards of any other smartphone.

    I love my Pre. It is the first phone that I have been able to fully tinker with. I've always been that kind of guy... the Pre fits me perfectly. But I can easily forget the Pre if webOS continues to live because it is what makes the Pre, great!

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    i kinda dont blame verizon. compared to the other smartphones the pre is disappointing. The droid is pretty good and it barely has come out. and the nexus one looks promising and has everythin a smartphone should have. the droid has a bigger screen than the iphone and a keyboard AND video recording out of the box. also has flash support as well. and the nexus one has all the same features OUT OF THE BOX! you wanna kno why palms stock is getting hammered?? becuz the competition is gettin fierce and better. im sorry palm needs to release a new pre that is bigger and faster and better. I love my pre but facts and reality is starting to sink in and palm is not goin to survive if they stick with this current pre. yea webos is a good os but who cares if the os is on a crappy phone with no basic features out of the box!! im sure you ******* will have smart A.S.S comments to say but just stop bein blind and look at the facts...
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    im sure you F.A.N.B.O.Ys*
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    I was in a best buy where they have all the major carriers. I was waiting for a TV they had in their back room while sitting around the mobile center, and I was amazed.

    So this guy wants a new phone on sprint, the Best Buy Employee(BBE) says look at the Hero and pulls out a working model. The the guy tried it liked it but hated the on screen keyboard. So he says to the BBE what about the pre, BBE says "it's no good". Now I'm sitting there and using my pre so the customer looks at me and ask me about it. I give him the major pionts multi-taking real keyboard , more apps coming every day Wifi all of his questions. Now this was before the update so I said it getting video recording and now he is listening with 3 other BBE including the manger. They start asking me questions about it. They didn't know how to go back on it. They had know idea what the phone can do so I am doing a demo in the store while another BBE tried to sell an iPhone to a 70 year grandma who told him she doesn't like music or anything without buttons and doesn't know what texting is.

    In the end he brought the pre because of me, but its not my job to sell him its theirs.

    Palm has problems with stupid people. They only know iphone and driod. Ads need to change this. Palm, Sprint and Verizon should be sending people undercover to see how their merchandise is being represented. In the eyes of the employees, Palm seems to not be with the big boys anymore for no good reason. Its like TV their is NBC CBS FOX and ABC as the major networks. But their are great shows on USA TNT HBO too people just need to be educated on them.

    Palm doesn't need to worry about apple and Google or Rim and build new device that has best Processor, Memory(start at 16gb), RAM (start at 512mb), Glass Screen (as good as the iPhone), and battery. I don't care if it cost $500 at launch if its the best people will but it.Take the PS3 for example, the PS3 sold well at its high price. Sony did not move the most units but alot still moved and eventually just like PS3 and the iPhone the price can drop as it get cheaper to make. I want palm to succeed and their trying but its seems like no one is giving them a chance, and they won't help themselves enough.

    Please don't tell me my grammar is horrible I already now this.
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    A tale of woe from the UK too.

    Was in the o2 store at Fulham Broadway in London on Sturday morning with a bit of time to kill.

    Had a look at the Pre that was on display to see if they had the 1.4 update loaded. Did a quick check for updates and it came up with! They hadn't even bothered to put the last update on their display model.

    Not very impressive.
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    correction people will not buy a product if it costs too much even if it's the best. Sony thought they were all that and tried to release the ps3 but horribly failed that's why they dropped their prices becuz they fell in last place. They had a horrible lineup to start with and it was a big piece of junk. But facts are facts the pre is not the best phone out there. In opinion it may be the best OS out there but it has a loooong way to go. Too small and lacking basic features. They've had too much time to mess with this phone and to get it right and they've failed in my opinion. And please I wish they would have a set date for updates becuz I'm tired of people creatin rumors and gettin peoples hopes up.
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    I've sold more webOS phones at my local Sprint store, then the csr's.

    In the last couple of months, I've been near the local Sprint store, (my favorite mexican rest. is across the street.), 3 or 4 times, and each time, I've sold a Pre or a Pixi to a customer looking for a smartphone. I've even showed the csr's PreCentral, and explained how to patch and theme webOS.

    Palm needs to train the carriers much better and demand that they do a better job of pushing the phones.

    If you know how to use it, the Pre just about sells itself.
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    all these comment i agree with, some one is not pushing training on this great device.
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    lets tell palm to give some incentive to owners for promoting their product. or make a group of palm reps/ owners that get paid to do this, ( pretty sure that would show the iphans which device has more loyalty and more love.
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    we will march on the streets to let people know, how well this OS is!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canteenboy View Post
    Its probably because they receive some kind of commission from RIM or Droid makers, if they sell a phone of theirs... I wonder if palm offers that to employees?
    this is very true. When I was working for Sprint, vendors would come in all the time and offer us diff perks if we sold so many handsets...its the same game here. It's just really upsetting because this small issue can have a huge impact on a small company like Palm
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    We said it a while back... ADVERTISING SUCKED DONKEY BALLS. Wait.. is what Palm/Sprint did even called advertising?. Because it didn't educate/peak anyone's interest.

    The Droid had basically unlimited funds... and had "droids" falling out of the freaking sky!! we are being overtaken.... By what you ask??? what is it!!! i need to know....

    and we get some plane jane bunny boiler talking all sorts of crazy stuff that guys start ignoring right away anyway.. LoL Who ok'd that i have no idea.. they have NO pulse on the gen pop...
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    Gee, When I bought my Pre the store Sprint rep who sold it to me lusted after it, but they were still in short supply, and employees didn't have them. He has one now, and has been helpful when I had minor glitches.

    It's very sad. It's a really nice gadget. When friends ask about it, I say that it's great except that (1) there aren't enough apps and (2) the company is likely to go under, so you may end up with an orphan device.

    And no, there aren't enough apps for my tastes. Yes, the really critical ones all work. And a lot of them work really well. The calendar and clock both work perfectly, for instance. But I can't find a game of Spider Solitaire, heck, it's hard to find any solitaire other than Klondike. (I did pick up Precell, but the interface is only so-so. And there's a decent version of Lines.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rovernole View Post
    i think it is time for a team to pull the pimp/prostitute deal that the couple did with acorn, then take the next step to expose vz
    Hilarious.........but seriously, we can't force the sales reps to push palm handsets. The problem probably is lack of product knowledge training. If the Palm reps don't do a good job of educating the sales reps, the sales reps will shy away from something they are not familiar with.

    If one of the earlier posts were correct and stated the sales reps get paid regardless of what handset is sold, the sales reps will gravitate toward the "easy" sale, that is the one where the customer already has a preference and all the sales rep does it talk about a couple of "wiz bang" features.

    I believe Palm is working on educating the sales reps and who knows? maybe they can convince them that webos really is intuitive and can compete with other handsets out there.

    Good luck
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    As others have mentioned Sprint also doesn't push or advertise the Pre/Pixi well. I remember walking into several Sprint stores and the reps practically, in some cases overtly, pushing me to other devices, particularly the Hero or a BB device.
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