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    Hmmmmm.... I wonder what this means?

    I just visted the site and got a nice little page saying they
    were down for maintance.
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    hmmm... could it mean that the website is down because they are doing some maintenance on it?

    Actually it is somewhat suspicious. I've visited the site quite frequently and I've never seen that message before. They better not be going out of business, 'cause I've got quite a bit of stock in the company. Hopefully, they're just testing the new layout of the website which includes the 270 and the new mystery PDA.
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    I've seen it before, not at this hour but it does happen.

    My gue... er dream is that it is a big revamp for the early release of the 270 that is ready to ship as of tonight when I re-check the site. Oh that would be the Sprint CDMA version BTW. HA HA HA! I'm going to have my 270 by next week with its better battery life and back lit keyboard. My wife will be happy for me as well as all my friends especially since I was the one to find out that the major Easter egg is the BlueTooth it contains. I will carry it around with me in the plastic swivel holder it came with as well as the cradle that is modified to accept Leather carriers like the Case techworks...

    Oops got carried away... AGAIN!

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7
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    Yeah, will I figured it was for maintaince.... I am just hoping
    it is to release the Treo 270 Or prehaps the "other hand held device" mentioned by Donna....

    I have not seen this message on Wed. Night before either or for this long...

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