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    I am having trouble convincing my IT folk to install the Palm software for synching at work. They claim that PDAs are too high a security risk because anyone can access the data on them and, under XP, network passwords are somehow copied to the PDA. (Note: these are the same people who require log-in after 10 mins of inactivity.)

    This sounds like envy more than anything but I would like to be able to debunk any misinformation. I read Handspring's FAQ but I still have questions, namely :

    1. Are the password protection utilities like OnlyMe and Sign On robust?

    2. Are there security issues with Treo and XP?

    3. Can the Treo be programmed to authenticate to XP when synching?

    4. What procedures (ie password protection, VPN etc.) would appease the paranoid IT folk without ruining the user experience?

    Thanks, Windy
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    I currently use an application called PDA Defense on my Prism that requires a password to login to my Prism, and encrypts the contents of the device when not in use. The program also closes several "security holes" in the Palm OS that could be used to compromise data on the handheld. It is an excellent product that I have used for sometime now. They even have an enterprise version where you I.S. people could enforce default for the program. There are a few caveats with PDA Defense, the main one being that you will take a slight performance hit (basically waiting for files and databases to be decrypted). The program also is particular about when and how you insert springboards, but on a Treo, that won't be a problem. You can find out more at

    I've never heard of the XP problem you mention, and sounds a little weird to me.

    On the authentication issue, I believe there are some 3rd party programs that may do that for you, but unfortunately, I can't think of any names at the moment.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll check it out.


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