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    I live in an area with a GSM Voicestream provider. However, keying in my zip code yields no result on the handspring website. So I called sales, one individual said that in some cases they have been able to "escalate" the call to their manager and offer the subsidized price in situations such as mine. However, when I called today to place an order, NO ONE (I've called back many times to get someone different) has heard of such a thing...

    Anyone have any info. on such a situation? $200 is quite a deciding factor in a decision NOT to purchase a treo.
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    I may be wrong, but I've never heard that the treo has been offered by voicestream at a subsedized price
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    Treo is available at subsidized price with VoiceStream and Cingular. You must purchase with contract. You should be able to get one at a local store that carry Handspring products if your zip dont work at DO NOT assume that GSM service is in your area because VoiceStream is there. Call them and make sure that they do indeed have GSM coverage where you live.
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    Voicestream does have GSM in my area....

    Are you saying I should go to a local store, get a contract, then call handspring?
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    I know that VoiceStream is selling the Treo's in some stores with Contract. is not the only place that you can buy a Treo with contract. I beliee sells it as well.
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    Buy it in a approved Zip code then transfer. Or go to a Best Buy.
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    Here's an UPDATE... today I just ordered a Treo at the SUBSIDIZED price in an area NOT COVERED by entering the zip code.

    It can be done (At least in Alabama)... if they tell you otherwise, ask to talk to someone above them.

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