Kind of a rant, about why the Palm is doing so poorly. I understand the problems with advertising. But I would hands down say that the Pre is the best phone on the Sprint network.

I don't have Droid and haven't tested it out, so I can't speak to the comparison with Verizon.

I just don't understand why such a great OS is going to die. When the refresh of the iPhone comes out and the Nexus one on google, then I don't think Palm will have any hope.

All the people I have talked too, have loved the phone. Is it just not getting enough play, or too confusing to use at first glance.

I just fear that Palm will die out and not provide any support or anything. Using the Pre, I don't think I can go to any other phone. Any time I use my friends phone, I try to swap and use non-existent cards.

I just hope that the Iphone stays with AT&T, at least that might give Palm a chance.