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    which is better ? hackmaster or x master ? I had hackmaster initialy but then while installing idial I installed X master which removed hackmaster.

    I would like to know which is more stable and reliable among the two.
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    Definitely go with XMaster.
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    XMaster by far.
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    But be careful too many hacks fried my palm. I don't use them anymore I'm not that brave .
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    Yeah, I had some hack issues on my treo. Right now I'm running Xmaster with Switcheroo and the new Cell Plan Tracker hack - that's all. Seems to be stable with these two.

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    X-Master is better because:

    - There is a bug in Hackmaster that causes a reset every 20th or 30th time you turn on your hand held
    - X-Master has been updated on multiple occasions (last time Hackmaster was update was 1999)
    - It gives you more flexibility in that you can define sets of hacks that are activated together (I have personally never used this function)
    - It is free!
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    I use XMaster!
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    x master because it is free and does everything just as well.
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