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    Hi, thought I'd share my experience with my antenna.

    I hate antennas cos I break them
    Hence, I REALLY wanted to get a replacement for mine
    Flashy of not, wasn't a criteria
    SHORT was impt.

    Anyway, failing to find any in most shops,
    I finally found an old one (I believe its an ericsson)
    With the same screw thread.
    It could screw in, BUT the internal metal rod was too short to reach the TREO's antenna contact.
    So I soldered on a cut off metal nail to the end and wah lah,
    my new, impossible to break, shiny gun-metal antenna.

    The pic is here :

    The reception seems ok, perhaps slightly worse, but it's hard to tell. Where can you find this antenna? Well I live in S'pore and although there are tons of 3rd party antennas being sold here, ones that fit the TREO are few and far btw. I think it'd be even worse in the States. All I can proffer as advice is perhaps looks for old 3rd party Ericsson antennas (remember for the GH768 series?)

    I've been very happy with it, I wonder if people have been breaking their antennas so far?


    PS: if you live in S'pore, let me know and I perhaps could help you out a bit more.
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    Hi there,

    I read your mail also in the Treo board. I was in Singapore recently and went to Sim Lim to search it out.

    It seems that there are plenty of those "cap" that can be bought for a number of phone, they are simply a metal button that screws onto an adaptor and then screw onto the phone, from your picture your antenna looks to be that case, the "antenna" in this case is a simply metal piece and does not contains any coil or other devices.

    I bought a similar one in red, have a look at yours again and let me know
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    WHere can a person order these from?
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    Sorry I don't know where you can order these, depend on where you are, in Singapore there are stalls everywhere that sells all kinds of mobile phone accessories, from antennaes to whole casing replacement with flashing lights.

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