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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mighty BK View Post
    I want a ipad-like tablet with a large pixel qi touchscreen and webos.
    Sounds great, but not going to happen in the near future, unless Dell buys Palm. Palm is a bit too in dire straights to jump into an entirely different sector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sracercelica View Post
    I agree, but I also think they should put restrictions kind of like what M$ is going to do with windows 7 phones. All phones need to have minimum sys requirements and set screen size....otherwise you get Android.

    I agree. I don't want to buy an android phone because tomorrow another one will be announced. There's about to be way too many android phones, all with custom UI's, no established upgrade path, etc.
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    My problem with Android is not that another will be announced but that the GUI is a mess. I like the power of multitasking (both Android and webos can do it) but also want it to be clean. Android's got a mess of an OS and also the buttons you press to control it are not clear either.

    Still, the google voice search is amazing.
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    Someone a few posts back was talking about screen size vs iphone. One thing I want to point out is that the pre's screen is -much- more enjoyable and usable if you install the fullscreen browser patch. It allows the web browser to take up the whole available space and COMPLETELY changed my views on the pre's usefulness for web surfing. Personally I think that patch is -exactly- how the pre should render the web. Install it and you will have nearly as much real-estate on that screen as any iphone, in a much smaller formfactor.
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    They need to merge with Sony, have them design and Manufactor the handsets while palm takes care of the software, win win for both companies. Then palm could get started on the psp phone!
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