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    how do I disable the auto poweroff feature. When I keep my memo pad or some other app open and discuss with others for more than 3 minutes I would like the treo to remain powered on...
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    Theres a freeware program called "alwayson" available at palmgear or handago. IT lets you set poweroff times from 15 seconds? to never.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    In installed alwayson and set the time to 30 mins. When I closed the lid and opened again it kept powering off. I tried the power switch, lid open and rocker switch and it kept switching off.

    So I did a reset and was able to recover without activating the X master hack extensions switcheroo and idial. I think there was some conflict. I have uninstalled alwayson.
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    There's a trick to disable auto power-off, but you have to reapply it after a reset. Create a new memo with these 3 characters: :shortcut: .3. The first character is the special symbol found under key "s". Right after you pressed "3", it should turn into the string "[No Auto-Off]".
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    bluesky....thanks for the tip! I gave it a try just now and my units is still on way passed the 3 minute mark . It turns off when I closed the lid though. But still, I really like this trick. How did you learn about this?
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    I've kept this in memopad since my main PDA was the USR Pilot 5000 (512k of RAM). I forgot where I got it from.

    Palm Shortcut Dot List

    .i - enables Beam receive for a short time. No longer do you need to have Beam Receive turned on in Prefs/General!
    .s - toggles between serial and IR modes. In serial mode, info sent via the IR port is instead sent over the serial port.
    .t - toggles loopback mode for the IR Exchange Manager.

    .1 - some sort of "debug" mode, opens the serial port. SERIOUS drain of the batteries if left open (soft reset to close)
    .2 - opens the serial port (another debug mode). Soft reset to close.
    .3 - Turn auto-off off
    .4 - flashes user name and number - this number represents the number used in the Windows registry Key for the desktop softare to set the install flag, denoting whether there are impending files to be installed (Thanks Erwin Schomburg)
    .5 - removes user configuration and hotsync log CAUTION: If you re-sync after doing this shortcut, you will create duplicate entries! Better to hard-reset and PC to PalmPilot Sync instead.
    .6 - displays the ROM date
    .7 -- toggle between Alkaline/NiCad/Rechargeable Alkaline/NiMH. Meant for those using alternative batteries, to show proper "fuel" gauge on the app screen (NiMH setting only in OS 3.3)
    .8 - toggles the "inverse" backlighting on the new Palm V or Palm IIIx. NOTE: If you upgrade from older Palm device, this will not work unless you delete the Graffiti_ShortCuts.PRC from your backup directory BEFORE you do your first HotSync. If you've already done a HotSync, you'll have to back everything up (I highly recommend Backup Buddy to do this), delete the file mentioned above, hard reset your device, and then HotSync. CESD, of DateBk3 fame is working on writing this capability into dbScan.

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