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    I got PQAs working on my treo, but some PQAs work and others don't. I think it's a problem with specific PQAs, but I'd like to get some feedback on this point.

    Hand anyone successfully gotten the following PQAs to work on their Treo?

    Starbucks Finder
    Gas Station Finder
    Wine Lovers Page
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    Just a Guess:

    I use PQA's on my VisorPrism/VisorPhone as well. Some PQA's that use the cell tower to determine your location are the kinds of PQA's that don't work. Since you are using the files from the Mobile Internet Connect Kit (MIK) or ripped from a PalmOS 4.x machine, the connection is being made via TCP/IP rather than the bellsouth network. It essentially is bypassing any tower information therefore any PQA's that depend on this won't be able to get that info.

    You'll also find that PalmGear's Download PQA will likely not work (a shame, I enjoyed that one allot on my Palm VIIx). I think the Weather channel PQA also had an option to return the weather based on your current location which doesn't work since it can't locate a physical cell tower while you are making a dial-up net connection.

    These are just observations, don't know if it will help you or not. I could be totally wrong about it too.
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    Gas station finder and wine lovers page work fine for me...
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    PalmGear's download PQA doesn't work because they shut it down. I got an email from them telling me it got very little use and wasn't worth supporting any longer.
    A shame...I'll never understand why developers of Palms don't believe that people want to install applications directly on their manchines. Even worse are the developers that insist on performing an install on your PC before you can install the application on your Palm device.

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    rluxemburg: Where's the Laid-Off Land?

    I used PQAs for a while and loved them until they started crashing my Treo. Too bad

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