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    A few days ago I installed updater. All was fine. A few minutes ago I decided to perform a hard reset, just to clean the Treo. Hotsync again without problems. Then, when I turned wireless mode on, the Treo freezes...I did a soft reset, with same result. Another hard reset didn't solve the problem. It makes the typical ascending tone, but after 10 seconds it freezes...:-((((
    Cannot use it as a phone :-(
    Any help?

    Thanks in advance
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    Did you try hard resetting and then, without hotsyncing or restoring programs, trying to dial? It may be a software problem.
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    That was exactly what i did... I begin to feel a little nervous...After several hard resets, without hotsyncing, the result is the same...
    Tomorrow morning I will call Handspring UK...
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    Try opening the back and rubbing the contacts on the GSM chip with a clean regular pencil eraser.
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    No luck after cleaning the contacts. I will try to explain the behaviour:
    -I can hear the ascending tone.
    -The "flip dialog" box ("Network searching...") doesn't appear.
    -I can cancel pressing again the power button (I can hear the descending tone)
    -If I wait 5 or more seconds, the Treo freezes.

    This is after a hard reset, without hotsyncing again.
    I've leaved the Treo powered off all night. As a curious note, I noticed this morning an strange waste of battery, like if I was using the Treo in a conversation...but it was not in wireless mode!
    I am plenty of doubts. I'm not sure, but the update maybe the cause...
    Any help will be greatly apreciated.

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