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    #$%^#@. Didn't mistreat it. Didn't do a @!#$% thing to it, but now the connection to the speaker is shot. I can get sound if I *almost* close it, but that's it. Hands-free works fine, piezo works fine.

    HS tech support opens in twenty minutes. If they give me guff, I will be pissed. This will be treo number 4.
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    so I tell the nice rep my problem, she puts me on hold a long time, and then.....
    "Mr. Bohn?"
    "This is John Hartnett, I'm the Vice President in charge of Customer Relations & Operations here at Handspring."
    "Oh, uh, Hi. How do you do?"
    "Fine, thanks, you?"
    "Good. Great. Listen, Mr. Bohn, we see that you are a pretty big power user, you've owned nearly all of our models."
    "Yep. Multiple times."
    "yes, well, we were wondering if you would be willing to beta test the Treo 270 model for us?"
    "You bet! Can I keep it?"
    "Yes, though there is an NDA you'll have to sign."
    "Oh, you mean I can't post about it on VisorCentral?"
    "Forget it, John."
    ...okay, not really, but I was on hold for 10 minutes, so I had to daydream about something. Also, if you think for a heartbeat that I'd turn down a free 270, you've got issues. order went through fine. New one on the way.
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    Handspring need to get itself straightened out. This is just plain ridiculous. They will never make any profits if they keep replacing defective products. Still I have had no problem with my Treo. I have had it for some months now.
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    septimus you are HILLARIOUS! You had me going for a second there. "Wow, John Hartnett!" "You turned it down? You fool!"

    I finally caved in and placed an order on Amazon last night - I know, I know, I should have bought it last week and gotten the extra $50 discount, but oh well. I'm going to vegas un a couple of weeks and need something to entertain me while I'm waiting for my plane. I plan on pasting this along to my nephew in six months and upgrade to a 270 (by that time it should be nicely discounted).

    Crossing my fingers that I don't encounter any of the problems you guys are running into...
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    caution there may be a bug i had one of the early models to go out, it was working fine fo2 1/2 months then the same thing happened to me the speaker stopped working and only could use the phone through the headset. i received my replacement yesterday. this morning i receive a phonecall from a friend of mine his unit blew for the second time same problem only could use the phone from the other treo users have the same problem
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    Dang, my treo speaker died today also. My treo was ordered day one of release. It died today, no abuse. Will call HS in the morning. No worky in speakerphone mode or regular mode. Can receive calls, just can't hear. Did all of the normal reset stuff.
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    Same thing happened to my first generation Treo (but with upgraded ROM), after 2 to 3 months. Brought it down to GrandTech who immediately replaced. Asked them if it was a known problem, and the guy said there had been some instances. Let's hope the 2nd generation Treo doesn't develop this problem in a couple of months.
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    no i think it might be a hardware problem mine was first generation but my freind who had the same problem twice was 2nd generation
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    My speaker went out last night. Handsfree set works. People can hear me on the Treo, but I can't hear them. BUT, I'm not complaining. Handspring's shipping me a new unit, free of charge. When most other things break, the manufaturers don't normally ship you a new one free within a couple of days.

    I have also had similar replacements for a defective Prism, defective Visor Deluxe, and defective Palm V. Everytime, the replacement process has been slick and easy.
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    My replacement arrived on Monday with a minimum of fuss. HS is excellent about this kind of thing.

    ...and now I'm worried about the speaker in general! This is 4 people with the same problem all cropping up in less than a week of each other...
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    the good thing is that handspring does stand by the product and corrects it real fast i had my replacement in two days while most of the time you can get it next day
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    I received my replacement Treo yesterday. Same speaker problem, i.e. simplex, (they hear me I don't hear them) Interesting the button for speaker phone is absent on this one when the call is in progress. Makes me wonder if the unit thinks the headphone is plugged in. As soon as I find my headphone I'll try that also.
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    #@#$%^&! Just happened to me! Ordered on 2/11 - treated it like gold... Does anyone know if HS has FIXED this issue, or are they just sending replacements hoping it won't happen again? Also, are they sending refurbs or new units? Tech support doesn't open for 20 minutes! Also noted (like some others) that the speaker works with the lid half closed - must be a cheap contact getting loose. This worries me that QA issues like this crop up in a $400+ device.
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    Bought mine two weeks ago today at CompUSA. Yesterday around 5 PM, both speaker and mic died. Headset still worked, though. One other user noticed that the speakerphone button (during a call) went away when his speaker died, the same thing happened to mine.

    Called HandSpring Customer Support - they did not seem surprised. They suggested I return it for exchange at original point of purchase, and gave me a case number to call back with if I had any trouble with this. Took it back to CompUSA then - luckily I was on day 13 with the product and they have a 14-day return policy. They exchanged the unit without fuss.

    Sounds like a bad batch definitely got out the door.
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    Spoke to HS Tech Support. A new unit is on its way - the rep assured me it is new (not a refurb) and they've fixed this problem - we'll see...
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    My speaker went last week. This was my third treo.
    First one: sucky battery life
    Second one: aerial area cracked, so aerial could move back and forwards. pretty unsettling
    Third one: speaker dies

    While I was impressed by Handspring customer service, who always sent a replacement quickly, I was unimpressed by going through three units in under 3 months. I called HS CS and asked for my money back, and they agreed to refund if I paid for the shipping back. They called this a 'buyers regret' refund, which meant I had to pay shipping. It was the only way I was going to get my money back, so I agreed.

    I loved the Treo, but I think I'll wait until later this year to get another one. Hopefully the kinks will have been ironed out by then and GPRS support is available. I'm not sure why Handspring have been pointing this out as a voicestream/cingular problem, I've been using GPRS on my Ericsson T39 since late 2001 in the NYC area
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    Handspring sent the replacement unit and everything works great. I have bought HS products since day one. I love their customer service !!!
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    I couldn't hear any sounds on my first Treo after the first 3 1/2 weeks (just spontaneously stopped working). I got a replacement, but the same thing happened after only 2 weeks! The next Treo seemed to work, but has horrible echoing when I use it as a regular phone (not speaker or earbud), so I asked for a replacement. I just received the latest replacement today, but I had to snap the Treo body together, as it wasn't closed. Unreal. And I noticed that the two pieces don't fit as securely as the other Treos (there's a small gap). *sigh*

    So I guess I'm going to have to send this one back too! I don't know quite what to do. Will I ever get a working Treo? Not sure if I should start to fight to just get my money back, but this is really getting ridiculous. Treo's a great idea, but I really want a working and dependable phone!
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    Well dog gone it! The dang thing crapped out on me tonight. It was working fine all day. Spent the afternoon in my shirt pocket. No bumps, scrapes, nor bruises. Tonight, I go to answer a call and can't hear anything.

    (snip the long story)

    Speaker is dead.

    I called up Handspring, and they say to take it back to CompUSA where I bought it on 4/25. I doubt they'll replace it, but they insisted I try that first.

    But maybe I will get lucky beyond my wildest dreams, and talk HS into letting me upgrade to a 270 cheap. (Unlikely, but it never hurts to ask)

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