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    When I first got my Treo, I was impressed by the quailty of the Treo's stylus; I mean, i still have the stick that came with my Dlx, so you see why I was surprised.

    I no longer have such feelings.

    Yesterday, some hack on my Treo caused a irrecoverable startup crash. No soft boot, nuttin. So I had to hard reset.

    So i'm walking upstairs to go sync back my stuff, curssing Handspring for not including some kinda of Backup Module thing (man, thats' saved my **** way too many times), and then I drop my stylus. It falls to the tile floor and the top snaps off, making it all but useless.

    ?!?!! I couldn't beleave a 4 foot drop would be enough to do one of these things in!

    I'm I off the wall in saying that Handspring still doesn't seem to be able to get 1.0 versions of stylus's quite right?
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    Why do you think they sell them in three packs ?
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    Same thing happened to me, only mine rolled off my desk onto a woodenn floor, and I had to wait 2 weeks till Handspring got them in stock!
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    I also dropped mine from 4 feet onto a wood floor and snapped the **** end off. It was replaced when I got my Treo replaced for the echo problem. At least the replacement fixed something.
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    The stylus tip is the same as the Visor Dx stylus tip
    (which is why my Treo stylus has a cool trans-green tip).
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    Dropped mine last week and had to replace the tip with an old one. I was surprised it broke so easily.

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    Oh, I forgot - I lost mine altogether. I've got an old VSX (clear) stylus sticking out like a second antenna
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    Ack! My stylus's are backordered! What do they expect me to do?!
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    Order these and put the top piece from the Treo styli onto it and it is even better than the original. It sticks up 1/4" (exactly) and is a MUCH better draw. If you have to use the top piece it comes with THEN it would be hokey like Jeff is stuck and putting up with for the moment.

    It has been a great improvement for me.

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