Thanks to a post on another board, I discovered Cingular's new VoiceConnect service. For $5 per month, this allows you to upload/sync your Outlook or Palm Desktop contacts with an address book at . Then use *8 on your phone to dial by name. No "training" required. I used a similar service on Sprint for a while and it rocked. This seems even better due to improved synchronization capabilities.

So I moved my cellular voicemail button on speed dial down and made the first button Voicedial (*8). Now, when I have a headset plugged in, I can just hit the Jog button, this dials *8 for me, then I can tell the lovely sounding silicon-based lady to "call George Jefferson at home" or "call Bill Clinton at Home" and it just works... Pretty darn cool and should make me less dangerous when driving...

They say this is only available in Cingular Wireless markets in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina. But the rest of you might want to call 611 and ask anyway in case they have it rolled out elsewhere by now... (but you're out of luck when roaming...)