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  • This is a dumb poll, this type of feature is always junk.

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  • There will always be poor performance/echo... get over it!

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  • If I have no other option, I can put up with it for a short period.

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  • It is a nice feature that works as well as can be expected.

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  • It works so awesome that people don't even know they are on it!

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  • People call me just to be put ON speaker phone!!!

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    Just trying to be realistic here. What should be expected from an exspensive phone/PDA like the Treo? It echos for the other person, and of course, iritates them to no end.

    Should it work better or is it AGAIIGTG?
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    The speakerphones on all *3* of the treos I've used have been fine. Of course people can tell that they're on it, usually (sometimes not!). Frankly, I'm a bit suprised (and occassionally annoyed) by all the speakerphone discussion. I've never had a problem with it.
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    I haven't had a problem with the speakerphone. My echo has occurred during normal mode only. At least Handspring has been responsive to early adopters. After telling the HS CSR about my echo problem, they sent me a replacement unit.
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    I'm a late adopter of sorts, and the call quality on the Treo has been surprisingly excellent. I was expecting problems not unlike my experence with my Minstrel S, but luckly, it's been rock soild. Now if QuickChat would just stop crashing...
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    Originally posted by chrisfoster
    Now if QuickChat would just stop crashing...
    Give up on quickChat. Do this:

    Enter all of the AIM codes into your SPEED DIAL list, like so:

    Name: AIM-SignON
    Number: 4646
    Then do the same with your user codes, though I suggest using a well placed Space between the "AIM" and the dash so they're not mixed with your codes, thusly:

    Name: AIM - Anna
    Number: 4601
    ain't it nice, I can give you the codes since they only work for me anyway, and your codes will be identical, yet will only work for you...

    ....NOW, transfer all these AIM codes to your SIM CARD. Delete them off your speeddial, too. Now, if you want to send an SMS message to somebody on your buddy list, you can just go to the SMS Card app, tap the name, and hit the SMS button!

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