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    I've got my internet connection working fine with Voicestream. I download my POP email while connected to Voicestream through my earthlink account. But I can't send out email because Voicestream doesn't have an SMTP server.

    I've tried numerous ways to get connected through Earthlink, but I just can't get it to work. Does anyone have a working Earthlink connection? What are the phone number/connection/network settings?

    btw, I like the Voicestream connection, because it is fast to connect. I just wish I could send email with it.
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    I connect to Earthlink fine, though my settings are hold overs from my Visor with its landline modem.

    don't forget to add ether ELN/ to your username, if your dialing into Earthink. your username with is the new way they do it, you can use that too.

    I also find that, with my TiBook's modem, i can't use their 1800 number. It looks to me like a policy change, unless I upgrade my account I can't use a 1800 number. Etherway, just put in your local number, and for DNS settings, I use:

    These might be out of date: i havn't looked for new ones since '98. The connection type should be regualar Wireless Modem, not the special modem settings that VoiceStream ISP needs.
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