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    So the obvious next question is: Have any Americans tried slipping in a non-US SMS smart-card? Any unforseen effects? Because--and I mostly travel to the UK--it looks like it will be cheaper for me to just buy an Orange smart card and pay for some UK minutes than to try to roam on Voicestream.
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    I've done this in Italy, as have many Americans. It works great, almost better then VoiceStream.

    One thing I noticed: When the phone is operating in 900mhk mode, it has wicked interference with other devices. My Bose headphones didn't like it one bit, making clicking and buszzing sounds whenever the phone transmitted. My Sony camera and a Italian TV showed similar problems.

    Maybe mine's defective, I don't know. But it worked great.

    Also, when your roaming, VoiceStream's ISP number doesn't work. But the AIM over SMS works great, better then America.
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