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    When you dig through your old stuff(as i did today) to find your old Handspring visor deluxe to play with, and spend half a day trying to get it to work. doing all this because of seeing the device history lists of other members.
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    holy **** it worked; just had to press reset button. hmmmm this is kinda boring, oh well its from like 2001. now if i could just find my sync cradle, and put some games on this. oh yeah and the kamasutra app, i used to show girls when i bought this at the age of 14
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    When you truly feel that the new Windows Mobile 7 Series UI looks gross and uncentered, even though for some reason everywhere I read people think it's amazing.
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    When your fiance has to be constantly reminded that you love her more than your pre... "shhhh" dont let my pre hear that
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