I got jealous of the VoiceStream people being able to use aim without being dialled in for data, using the SMS capabilities. So I quickly slapped together a little system that lets me do it using the SMS/email capabilities. I stole some perl code off the net, along with the Net::AIM package, and made an AIM-SMTP bridge. So I send an email via sms to a certain email address with a certain command, and it logs me on or off aim; then it waits for IMs and forwards them via email to my @mobile.mycingular.com SMS address. I can then send aims out by sending further SMS emails to the program. I just tried it out and it worked nicely, no real delay or anything.

If anyone's interested, I'm more than happy to share the code. You'd need somebody with a box that would let you run perl and forward emails to a script for handling (i.e. any old linux box).