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    I travel a LOT for business, and one of the features that I appreciated with my old cell phone was the fact that when I turned it on after a landing in a new location, I'd have the correct local time (a Verizon phone, BTW). I just received my treo earlier this week, and I'm generally very impressed. However, the time settings seem to be that of a normal palm; i.e., it has no idea of what the network time is. Is this true? Is there any software to fix this? Is this even an option on a GSM (vs. CDMA) network?

    Thanks, in advance, for your time.
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    It's an option on GSM networks, but both the network and the phone must support it. I don't believe Voicestream supports it anywhere on their network (I'm a Voicestream customer), but I did see my Nokia phone reset its time when I entered Canada's Fido network.

    I don't know if the Treo supports network timesynch, but I'd be surprised if it did. I have seen a timesynch utility that synchronized the Treo clock to a PC's clock during a hotsynch, though.
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    Even if the Treo was able to sync it's time, think of the consequences. For instance, let's say you are normall in Pacific Daylight Time and all your meetings are scheduled in PDT. If you travel to another city and the time on your Treo resets, now all of your meetings are going to be off. Do you really want to do this? As I understand it, there are a few datebook programs for the Palm that take into account time zone. Unfortunately it is not built in.
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    None of my GSM phones have synced their time with the GSM, even in Europe. (2 motos)

    It was a epecially great feature of my old CDMA networks, but you can get programs that sync the Palms time to internet servers. They just cost a little airtime for the internet call.
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