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    Your designated Crash Test Dummy reporting...

    I picked up on a post on another board about a 2.5mm headset adapter that converts a 3-conductor headset to work with 4-conductor jacks (like the one on the treo). This interested me since some 3-conductor headsets have a microphone mute switch... Could this possibly be the answer to mute for the treo???

    Alas, no...

    I ordered the adapter. It's actually one small block, not the "dongle" as pictured in the link above. It works quite well at making a 3-conductor headset work with the treo - so if you have an expensive "standard" 2.5mm headset you like, this will make it work on the treo for $10+shipping. It offsets the jack 90degrees so it can make the headset plug in the "top" like some folks think it should.

    I tested with a Plantronics M205. The volume control worked fine. But when you flip the mute switch - a deafening tone is heard on both ends of the connection. While this results in sortofa "mute-like" effect when one or both parties go deaf, it isn't what I was really shooting for.

    So back goes the M205 experimental headset to Best Buy, and chalk up another $16 wasted on the adapter in trying to make the world a better place for treo owners...

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    JD Powers gives you a 3/5 rating for safety, but a 5/5 for customer satisfaction, PP.

    Tx. again.

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