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    I am curious, how many of you that have the problem use the phone with your left hand on your left side vs. your right hand on your right side?

    And if you have the problem, does the echo go
    away if you switch from one side to the other?

    My theory is the placement of the microphone,
    which is off-set from the center, is causing
    the problem.

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    Why, have you found it makes a difference? I use mine right-handed and get the echo unless I use the earbud.
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    Mostly on the left.
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    Given that the echo goes away only when the earbud is plugged in (besides when it seems to randonly just stop) seems to indicate it's a speaker/mic processing issue. I.e. that's the only way to reproduce a consistent fix, and it's an event that cuts out the built-in mic and speaker from the picture.

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