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    Google just announced a location-aware social aspect to gmail that is available for the iphone and for android. given that all three systems use webkit browsers, why was palm not on that list? Can anyone with the iphone user agent patch report on whether works for you?
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    I am also curious
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    As of now, it doesn't appear that the is loading the actual buzz for any phone (had some people try on their android devices with no luck). For them it's still showing the info page that you get when you go there on your computer / etc.

    Looking at the Google help page, it doesn't seem that webOS is even on the roadmap for Buzz (or any other mobile web app for that matter). Google Buzz - Mobile Help

    I'm hoping the user agent spoof will offer at least partial functionality
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    I am beholden to google, but they need to recognize the superior platform here.

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