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    Does anyone know how to assign apps to one of the four option app buttons on the treo? ie, pressing the "option" key and one of the app buttons...


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    If I recall correctly, Treobutton will do this for you, as well as one or two other programs. Do a search for treobutton in the board, and you should come up with more information

    I don't know personally though, I don't have a Treo (No GSM service in Omaha)
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    Switcheroo is free and works great!

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    treobutton will work with the opt key. you press the opt key and you assign a button
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    TreoButton is fine, but I decided to reduce my clutter by at least one app and installed Buttons-T. It does the same thing as TreoButton, but in a Preferences panel, just like the normal Buttons preferences. The only other difference is that Buttons-T doesn't let you choose "Contacts" as an app to launch. Since I didn't need that particular app to be launched directly, I went with Buttons-T and have been happy.

    Switcheroo is a whole different kind of thing, but I also highly recommend it. You'll need a hack manager to use it, for which I recommend X-Master.
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