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    Hi all,

    I'm using a 180k, and the AOL Instant Messenger client downloaded from the AOL website. It seems when I install the application and use it relatively extensively (i'm addicted) while connected via Voicestream, the Treo will crash with a MemoryMgr error on boot and do that repeatedly until a hard reset. Anyone using the IM client for a significant period of time successfully?

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    Well, this is a common issue, and I finally had to just give up using it. Search through the threads. You can avoid the hard reset by doing a warm reset and deleting some specific files. However, whenever I reinstal the AIM Palm client, it's back to the resets.
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    I've had this problem, but never associated with AIM.

    I fix it by warm-reseting into the Treo, then deleting the System Preferences db.

    It makes sense now that I think about it that AIM saves some settings here, and somewhere down the line it manages to currupt it. They havn't updated AIM in a long time, and i'm sure some change down the line has made AIM's code out of date.

    The AIM program to me is almost useless without the abilty to set an away or see if other's are away. Even my AOL MC can do that.
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    What do you mean by warm reset? Is that just using the stylus to push the little hole in the back?

    The problem is that when my Treo screws up and freezes and I restart it using the pin in the back it wont let the Treo boot all the way. It will display the palm logo when give some error about datamgr.cpp or something like that. I am then forced to restart it again and the same thing happens. I am then not able to delete the systemprefs file. Instead I have to hard reset.

    Is there something im missing or is hard resetting my only choice?
    Arjun Lall
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    Soft reset: Push the pin in the hole, wait.
    -Think of it like rebooting windows. It just restarts and reloads everything

    Warm reset: Push the pin in the hole while holding down the "up" scroll button.
    -Think of it like a rebooting windows in "safe" mode. It restarts, but doesn't load any of the stuff.

    Hard reset: Push the pin in the hold while holding down the power button.
    -Think of it like "Format c:"

    ...IOW, you can do a warm reset and use z'catalog (look for it at palmgear) to delete the necessary files to get it working again.

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