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    Just upgraded to Pre Plus & not sure what to do with my old Treo 700p. Wondering what others do with their old phones. THanks...
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    sell em
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    pass them on to my other family members
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    donate them to get a tax deduction at the end of the year and yes you do get a tax deduction
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    I save'em back into the box they came in & put them in storage.

    I think about 50-60 years from now they'll have quite good $$ collector value!

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    cell phones for soldiers
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    Most are just stashed in my draw. Really should get rid of or try selling them.
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    I was going to sell my red Curve 8330 after my daughter was done playing with it but she left it sitting on the couch last night and the dog turned it into a chew toy!
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    Typically, I put mine on Ebay - it's how I fund my phone addiction. If it's an older phone, I usually pass it on to one of my kids, or save it for the inevitable times when my son loses his phone.
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    i either box them up or give them away. i think i will have the pre plus for awhile though, its the best phone i have ever had.
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    Mine was an iPhone 3G, I gave it away for free
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    If it is worth the trouble, I eBay it. If it is too old to be worth going through the trouble of selling, I usually just recycle it or donate it to a charity. NEVER throw phones away in the trash.
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    Either give to family members or donate to shelter for battered women (they can dial 911 without having to activate with a provider).
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    we (being my family) give ours to the battered womens shelter or pass it on to family members. My uncle traded his 700p for my instinct. Then we both got Pre's. I wish I could sell my old phones but sprint won't let us because we get them at a discount because my dad is an employee.
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    Until the Pre, I'd save my old phone and use it for backup if something happened to my new phone. I'd save the monthly insurance cost that way. You have a 700p so you can go back to that smartphone during the last year of your contract if something happens to your Pre.

    Unfortunately, with the Pre, there is no phone I'm willing to turn to if something happens to it. Thus, I pay the unreal monthly insurance cost for me and three other lines. No one was willing to keep their old phones after they saw my Pre. My wallet is sad, but my phone experience is great.
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    i store my phones in case i need them or i hand them down to family
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    I still have my 755p around here just in case I ever lose my Pre or need a backup phone. Once Sprint gets the next version of WebOS, I'll donate my 755p either to charity or to a women's shelter, and keep the Pre around as a backup.

    Really, if you have a cell phone graveyard in your house, you should consider getting rid of some of the dumbphones and getting them into the hands of a women's shelter or the less fortunate.
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    Gazelle buys used electronics. They bought my Instinct for $53, plus sent me prepaid shipping box.
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    I either don't (from DH's Verizon/AlTel account) or with my Sprint account I sell them back to Sprint for a credit on my account.
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