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    paper wight
    door stop
    toy for son
    give to family
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    Over the 23 years that I've been cellular, I have only ever owned four phones. The first one was replaced because there was a cellular system change that rendered it incompatible. It's replacement made it many years, and again was replaced due to a change in the analog cellular system that rendered it useless. My third phone had both analog and digital support, but no GPS or E-911 support. When I upgraded to phone #4, I was warned by the techs that my old phone was useless since it didn't have E-911 and nobody could ever get it hooked up again legally without E-911. The short answer is that the bottom drawer of my toolbox contains a collection of museum-quality antique cell phones...and they all power on but don't work!

    My Pre is provided by my employer, and their policy is that junior employees get hand-me-down phones. They usually break or get lost shortly thereafter.....
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    I sent some of my old phones back to Sprint in those little baggies they give you whenever you buy a device from them. Figured it was a really easy way to recycle those phones I didn't care about.
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    I keep my 755p in my pocket just to use SplashID to be able to sync.... Wonder how many others do this and why SplashData has abandoned us.... ((
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    Samsung instinct.. Gave it to my daughter. She uses it as mp3, pics and vid player.
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    Recycle your old phones that will not be used! The minerals used to make phones and cameras etc. are being mined in the congo. It's basically like blood diamonds, sorry to say. All in the name of profit. So recycle your old phones, I think the post office has free envelopes to send them in.
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    Tax deduction only if its the right organization.
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    I use my 755p for functions my Pre lacks - though rarely.

    Sometimes I use it for games that aren't on or don't work as well on the Pre (like emulators for various systems). I wanted to be able to edit office documents, too, but I was surprised to find that it was kind of a pain to go back to that interface. It's past time the Pre was able to do this.

    But mostly, I kept my old phones so that I'd have something to use my Delorme gps navigation software on, when I wanted to free up my main phone. The Pre's got nav functionality but it lacks some of the customization I dig. Regardless, I like to have more than one navigation option on a trip b/c you never know when one will fail for some reason.

    I'd really prefer it if the Pre didn't require a Sprint signal for navigation (or if it didn't usually require one, whichever).
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
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    My blackberry pearl died after almost 3 years (RIP)
    We went through a lot together.. I was in love.
    The cause of death was old age, she just stopped charging. :'(

    I'm going to bury her. It'll be hard to get over this..
    But I know she's in a better place with the Phone Gods.

    I'll miss you Pearly.

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    craigslist or sell it to a friend
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    or keep it as a backup or use it when you go somewhere and don't wanna worry about breaking your shiny new phone
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    Donate to women's shelter
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    Save my previous phone, use it as a backup for my contacts.
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    Sell them back to Sprint... Got $75 for my BB Curve last September.
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    I always keep my most recently replaced phone as a backup in case I have to wait for a replacement or something... the one prior to that gets sold back to Sprint or just recycled/donated to whoever's asking at the time.
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    I still have my first nokia brick from the days ago. I liked that phone a lot but alas it didn't support texting. I replaced it with some cheap flip phone followed by the Rumor. I liked the rumor because of the slide out keyboard. Latest phone is the Pre of course and loving it like I did my old reliable nokia. I gave the Rumor to my Mom but she is looking more into smart phones instead of another "normal" phone. Of all the phones she's picked up and used, she seemed to understand the Pre the best (sadly the verizon commercials hit true with her). Her only stand off is the size of the keys on the keyboard. Even though I have seen her use mine coherently she thinks the keys are to small. I horde electronics but my old phones will eventually end up at the recyclers... someday...
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcbffa View Post
    Just upgraded to Pre Plus & not sure what to do with my old Treo 700p. Wondering what others do with their old phones. THanks...
    Here's a good cause!

    ReCellular will recycle your phone and donate all proceeds to Haiti disaster relief -- Engadget
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