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    Call me crazy but I think if Nintendo bought Palm it would be a marriage made in heaven.

    10 Reasons Nintendo should buy Palm in no particular order.

    1) Can you imagine a DS type device with WebOS? All those little kids that outgrew there DS's would have a reason to keep using their device.

    2) Duel screens running WebOS? Ipad KILLER?

    3) Mobile gaming is getting HUGE!!! HOW DOES NINTENDO NOT HAVE A PIECE OF THAT???

    4) WebOS is so easy to use- Even kids can use it.

    5) It would be cheap acquisition for Nintendo to jump right into the market.

    6) With Nintendo's gaming relationships all of the best developers, even some that have not made games for mobiles would be developing for them.

    7) Even with the current specked Pre's the hardware is more than powerful for great games.

    8) Library of games that would work on the Pre??? How about every NES, Gameboy, GBA, SNES, N64 and probably some reworked Gamecube games.

    9) I see no competition. Apple is the only other company that could really compete and they don't seem interested, are not a gaming company and will be pretty busy trying to push the Ipad.

    10) I would buy one.

    11) One extra. How to recap the costs in one year. Make a series of sports games that everyone from kids to seniors can play, make it online and use one of the screens for a webcam. Maybe throw in a exclusive Final Fantasy for Japan, a Online Tamagotchi game, A classic Mario multiplayer, a Madden game, a soccer game for the rest of the world and please throw in a Metroid that uses the tilt sensors for good measure. Did I just plan a launch line up? Easy.

    If you want to flame go ahead... but... imagining this crazy union and device has just distracted me for a good 15 minutes from the mountain of paperwork I have sitting in front of me!

    BTW, Nintendo, if you read this... I have more great ideas, you know where to find me!
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    PS: I like your username, fits this exactly. THE VOICE OF REASON
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
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    I love WebOS and I love Nintendo but I would not want Nintendo to buy Palm, it just seems like reaching. Now, if Nintendo hired the right people and got into the mobile phone market themselves that would be different but highly unlikely. What I would REALLY like to see, which I think is entirely more realistic is Nintendo eventually entering the mobile game market via game development not system development.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Voice of Reason View Post
    don't be so sure
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    heres a crazy idea. I don't want to see palm bought by anyone.

    While your points make sense for a game system, not so much for a smart phone. Nintendo does games, and fairly well, but they have no business getting into the smartphone game. Nintendo developing games for smartphones, on the other hand, could be interesting.
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    wow so stupid
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    More realistically, Nintendo should sell the following packages for WebOS NES emulator users:
    * $10 - 50 games roms
    * $20 - 100 games roms
    * $50 - All NES games roms

    Oh, I am sure there are plenty of 30-40 year olds want them.
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    Here's one big reason this idea is AWESOME:

    Someone other than Palm's group of headless executive idiots will be running the company and it can't be worse than it is now and only an improvement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksom View Post
    More realistically, Nintendo should sell the following packages for WebOS NES emulator users:
    * $10 - 50 games roms
    * $20 - 100 games roms
    * $50 - All NES games roms

    Oh, I am sure there are plenty of 18-40 year olds want them.
    There, I fixed that for you. I'm sadly closer to your original age than the edited one but I know a ton of younger folks that missed the original NES but still dig the games that would shell out the cash.
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    Nintendo should buy palm.

    Gaming is changing. Everyone has cellphone now. This is their chance in the game.

    Sony will have a gaming phone.
    Microsoft will have a gaming phone.
    Google's there kinda.
    iphone is a gaming phone
    Pre is a gaming phone (2nd to apple)

    How much longer will a Nintendo beat out online competitors? (Online multiplayer anywhere) 5 years? 8? I think buying palm is a good choice.

    Has a ring to it, Nintendo Pre!

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    Two sinking ships doesn't make 1 good ship. Everyone knows Palm isn't doing too well and Nintendo has taken a turn for the worst. But hey, I love both companies, got a Pre on release day and waited over 8 hours for my Wii on release day, I'd love for either of them to be really successful. I just don't see the two doing much together. Not to mention, Nintendo is based in Japan and Palm is in US. I'm not saying its impossible for it to work out, but it would cause some problems.
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    Nintendo is not sinking by any means.. they have more sales and more profit than either microsoft or sony. Nintendo america would fund palm and palm would build Nintendo handheld gaming into the devices.

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    Nintendo buying Palm would mean the end of Homebrew on WebOS. But I really doubt that they would buy Palm. They are succesfull enough right now. While gaming in mobile phone will definitely put a dent in their mobile gaming market, they sold much more DS hardware than any other single mobile phone hardware.

    While mobile phones such as WebOS devices or iPhone are good gaming platforms, the DS in a much better gaming platform even if it's overpowered by these devices. Accelerometers and processing power are nice, but nothing beats real controls for non-casual games.

    Nintendo also has more than enough resources to build their own mobile phone platform.
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    haha! I jsut posted about Palm joining with Nintendo on another thread then saw this one! Nintendo and palm all the way! Nintendo have always said they would never make a phone because they dont want to get into that side of things but if they joined Palm then its all ready to go!
    And dont forget the Nintendo branding would really add value..
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    I may be the only person who has NEVER played a game on a phone!

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    What they could do is still keep the more serious business style palm with full keayboard etc. Then have a Nintendo branded palm touch screen only but also with traditional gamepad buttons, I would buy one straight away.
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    sorry . nope!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    The Nintendo Pre2 would then have the same hardware as the Palm Pre, but it would be a killer in the marketplace due to some new way to control it. It would be a hit with little kids and old people, prompting WebOS applications such as "Jelly Belly" and "HeartBeat Checker". The SD slot on it would be useless because Nintendo would fail to figure in the fact that people would download a lot of apps, and run out of room in the on-board memory. A later patch would fix that.

    You want the same people who made the Wii to make your cell phone?
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    One word...


    Was it an homage or a fortune?
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