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    Anyone have their clear outer screen on a Treo get "foggy?" Can't clean it; clear plastic has become milky.
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    did you leave it in a hot car or near a heat source for any length of time? I think prolonged exposure to heat will do that to some plastics.
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    Nope; treating it like a baby - only had it for two weeks. I noticed it only a week after I got it.
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    how bad is it?
    I noticed that mine isn't perfectly clear, but I wouldn't say it was milky or anything. I can still see through it. Yours was clear when you got it, but now it's opaque, eh?
    Sounds like it's time to call Handspring. :\
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    Did you clean it with any kind of liquid?

    some cleaning liquids have solvants who do this kind of thing to clear plastic...
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    No cleaning fluid other than diluted window cleaner, per the instructions. I called Handspring and they said this is the first case they know of ....

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