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    Ok heres the situation, I have been a voicestream customer for nearly a year now. I am thinking about upgrading my nokia phone to a Treo.

    I don't completely understand how this wireless data stuff works though. Do I need to have a dialup ISP account elsewhere to access the internet, or is that provided through VS?

    One other thing, how is the contruction of the Treo. The flip lid looks like it could be a little flimsy - I hope not!
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    Yes, you will need a separate standard PPP dialup ISP, VS does not provide the access. (When we get GPRS, you WILL be able to go through VS, using their iStream service).

    I think it is pretty durable and well-constructed. But I'm nice to my electronics.

    Remember tho you will have to go with the non-activated version (more money). You could save money perhaps by cancelling your current voicestream service, and starting over again with a VS-activated treo, altho you'd be stuck with a new year agreement.
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    While you will have to do a data call to a ISP, VoiceStream offers their own ISP services free of charges besides the phone call. This doesn't work on non-VoiceStream networks, but it work's great when your not roaming.

    Repeat: you don't necessarly need another ISP to connect to . You can connect for data, directly to voicestream.

    Check out this thread for details:
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    Well that's good to know. Since I rarely ever roam from my VoiceStream area, that'll work nicely.

    Now theres just the matter of getting myself a treo lol

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