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    Does anybody have an update on when the GPRS update will be available for the Treo? Voicestream already has the service up and running (under the brand name iStream).

    And how are they planning to deliver the upgrade? Is it through this mysterious ROM flash that some users have been reporting or through a downloadable patch?

    Thanks for any info. I'd ask Handspring themselves, but they never disclose anything until it's in hand.
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    Apparently, the release of the patch has been pushed back to the next quarter (July-September) timeframe. I listened to the earnings conference call and thought I heard that it was going to be out this quater ending in June, but apparently I heard wrong because several people have corrected me. The following is being released in this quarter:

    1) Treo Mail
    2) New PDA product
    3) Color GSM
    4) Color CDMA

    As for how the patch is going to be distributed, I've always heard that is was going to be a downloadable patch - even from the people at Handspring. I haven't heard anything to the contrary.

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