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    I'm using Treo since about a month. I'm a win32 freeware developer, and I just started to develop something on PalmOS, specifically for Treo.

    I got just one question: what about developers support? where is documentation and where are the examples?

    I browsed all Handspring' site and downloaded everything useful, but I'm currently basing my knowledge on the SMSapp example and the GSMLibrary.h file.

    as such, I'm currently experiencing lots of compatibility issues with my code, even if I usually consider myself as a good programmer.

    what I think is developers shouldn't perform reverse engineering when developing freeware software for a specific Handspring product; they should be supported in any way instead.

    if documentation is still in progress (please don't call the techref_treo_091 a developer reference), you should provide support through emails, or *better* newsgroups. what about handpsring's newsgroups, why not? I currently use both Palm and newsgroups, but still cannot find useful Treo infos, and I'm aware of other people in same situation.

    furthermore, in general, I should not pay anything to develop freeware. but CW8 and Falch costs instead. I don't know if I'll release something freeware to the public if I got to pay, and I don't want to hassle with gcc free comp, 'cause I haven't got so much freetime and I'd like to spend the one I got implementing software, not finding the right option for the linker.

    please, handspring guys, think about this and HELP.
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    I'm new to the world of Palm OS. In fact I don't even own a Palm OS device, so excuse me if this sounds ignorant... since the Treo is using the Palm 3.5 OS, should you be able to get the API documentation from the Palm site? i.e.

    A question for you... do you know what it takes to load J2ME onto the Palm3.5 platform? I'd like to try my hand at developing some apps on the Treo as soon as I get my mittens on the color cdma. Can you install the java engine on the Palm3.5 OS? I looked at the site and it kinda looks like it's supported on the Palm platform, but not really sure... do you have any insight or experience with this by chance?
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    Treo is a wireless device, and uses Handspring extensions in order to handle gsm, sms & co. communications.
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    Most of the "wireless" part of the Treo is standard TCP/IP (Blazer, email). The only things that are special are hte voice and the SMS.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    sorry guys but I don't understand the feel of your replies. you said Treo is a PalmOS device and as such it follows Palm documentation, then a visorcentral staff member said wireless stuff is tcp/ip communication.

    my answer is 'yes, of course' for both. if I want to develop an application which runs over the transport protocol and uses standard shared PalmOS3.5 platform I haven't got any trouble for sure, as I stated Treo is a standard device.

    the point is not here, and please I'd like you to support me: the point is Treo has got unique features (GSM radio part, integrated keyboard & no graffiti for 180, etc) and if I want to develop an usable piece of software, I want it to support keyboard as well as display radio ticks, take advantage of the jog, call the Phonebook app when required and so on.

    I want it and I perform reverse engineering and try to discover how GSM library works through given .h only. in other words, I take hours to implement a feature instead of minutes. and during these hours, I don't learn anything.
    matro 180->270->600->650->750v->680->Pro
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    The information you are looking for is available:
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    Hi Matro!

    I understand your problem.
    Treo built in programs is very primitive. Phone and sms application imperfect. Not full used GSM library.
    European GSM top modell phones (Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens) much more functionality! Like Mode profiles (ringer tone, ringer volume, light status, etc..), Calling group (ringtone, logo, etc...), Full calling divert options (data, fax, voice), advanced SMS sending options (status report, validity, UNICODE), MMS, EMS message, GSM cell broadcast, automatic time update from GSM, Increasing Ring option, Schedule controlled phone on or off mode, call filtering, etc, etc, etc...
    This options is SOFTWARE components!!!

    Best regards for developing!!!

    Please inform me from your developing!

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