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    Today I discovered a strange thing with my Treo. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but it's annoying. My treo is a keyboard version, bought in Hong Kong, with and "old" rom.
    I have several buttons asigned in the speed dial. If I tap the the majority of numbers, I get a normal call behaviour. But if I tap my home number (and only this one ....) I get this:
    A normal phone tone, but heared through speakerphone. I cannot adjust the volume up or down with the jog rocker. The annoying part is that I cannot cancel the call. If I tap the cancel button, it returns to the main speed dial screen, but I can keep hearing the tone. Even If I close the lid, I keep hearing the tone, so the call is in progress...The only way to shut it down is pressing the power button, to cancel the wireless mode.
    The strange thing is that this "bug" only appears with only one phone number assigned to one button.
    Any ideas?

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    I've been trying to resolve the above post issue. I discovered that this happens also if I tap the number in the phone dial (not the speed dial) and also if I search the "conflictive" number in the phone book. This "conflictive" number is my home number. In my own entry in the phone book, obviously, I have two numbers: home and mobile (treo number...). So, I began to think that this bug could also happens with other phone book entries with two or more phones assigned...
    I've done the test and guess what...the bug appears again :-((((
    I would be very interested if this happens to everybody. The way to check it it's right easy: tap a phone number wich entry has two or more numbers.

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    I was worried about the "call in progress" tone even if I close the lid. Confirmed: the call is cancelled, but the tone keeps on its way....I've just done the test, aproaching the treo to my computer speakerphone. It begans to make noise interferences when the Treo try to reach the network. The sound stops suddenly when I hit the cancel button, but the phone call tone stills persist until I cancel the wireless mode.
    I've writen to Handspring about this. Waiting for its answer.
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    just to confirm, I'm experiencing the same here :-\ I got old rom also. since I'm currently testing an unstable and unfinished app (see new topic about this), I was thinking the issue was related to that, that's why I haven't wrote about it.
    matro 180->270->600->650->750v->680->Pro
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    I've done a hard reset, so there is not any number in the phone book. The result is still the same. The problem appears only and always with some numbers...very strange...
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    Just to confirm that I too have a similar problem. However in my case it seems to happen with any number at random. Mine is also old rom.
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    This is the answer from tech support...

    "Dear Joaqumn Torrents,

    I understand that you are having difficulties with your speed dial. There
    are 2 versions of the Treo ROM EFIGS and non EFIGS for earlier modules.
    The only way to tell your Treo is EFIGS or not is to hard reset it and
    during the setup if you are presented with options for language versions
    then you have the EFIGS Treo ROM version.

    I fully tested a EFIGS ROM based Treo and with your provided symptoms and
    found no problems what so ever. I did not try this on a non EFIGS based
    Treo ROM and if you have one it may be the problem as you suggested being
    that you have a non EFIGS based Treo ROM. I however noticed that you have
    different area codes, perhaps you should make sure 1 is entered before each
    number if you are dialing from a different area code. Another trick you can
    try is to give your speed dial a unique name so it does not match up with
    your contact list in the phone book. If you have any more questions please
    feel free to contact us at Handspring technical support and please provide
    case number "

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