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    The Treo is a good basic device, but it has limitations for some users.

    I’ll start with what I have now:
    Visor Prism upgraded to 16mb by STNE (,
    Magellan GPS Companion,
    Innogear minijam (2x64mb),
    Raycom Personal Massager (Stop laughing! It really works.),
    Admobis ProRecord Digital Voice Recorder (because I can’t remember what I said 10 minutes ago),
    SprintPCS Wireless Web Digital Link (Web access out of the office),
    Xircom Wireless Ethernet Module (Web access in the office),
    and a MemPlug (CF) Adapter from Portable Innovations (Unlimited expansion).
    I have a Sandisk 128mb and 256mb Ultra CF cards (both full of apps and data) for the MemPlug.
    I use Launcher III to load and run VFS enabled apps from the memory card, and PiDirect II to run the ones that don’t have VFS support. I can manage company and customer databases, and networks from anywhere in the US with VPN and Blazer. I have unlimited room for Ebooks, Dictionaries, Databases, and reference materials. THIS is why I got a Prism, infinite expansion and a killer color screen. I seldom use my laptop anymore. When I can do all this with a Treo, I’ll get one.
    Does Handspring really think they will be able to survive with the Treo as it is? Samsung, Nokia, Kyocera, and all the mobile makers are bringing combo devices to market. They have a lot more cash to through at R&D. Why choose a Treo over one of those? The Treo needs A SPRINGBOARD SLOT!!! Palm learned that lesson from Handspring. A MMC/SD slot in addition to the springboard wouldn’t hurt either. Different RAM configurations would be nice. Put it on a card that can be easily upgraded to 32mb, 64mb, or more. How about Palm OS 4 or 5 and higher resolution screens? Flexibility and expansion are what made Handspring, and rigidity and lack of expansion will kill it.

    Has anyone heard anything to suggest that Handspring is going to do any of these things?
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    I dont' think it's phsyically possible for teh treo to have a springboard since the cell phone portion of the phone is most likely taking up an internal springboard slot and therefore uses a direct bus to the cpu so adding a springboard slot is just as easy as having a visor with 2 springboard slots (impossible). However, MMC/SD expansion would be killer and I think they could do it without a negative affect on the form factor. This said, you also won't see a treo with more than 16mb of memory because of the processor's inability to map any more than 16mb. When os 5 comes around (finally) we may see a treo with greater amounts of memory but not with os 4.

    Hi-res would also be a killer feature, but as it is now it doesn't even seem as though the 270 will even be coming out so a color treo may be awhile, especially a hi-res color treo.

    I think what HS needs is a complete reorganization and to rethink their organizers and communicators. This will, of course, require money, maybe they can get soem investors on board and create a super device. They need to innovate NOT keep using the same thing. The only difference from the Treo today and the Visor Solo of yesterday is 1) 8x Memory 2) 2x CPU speed 3) Smaller form factor 4) Optional kb, jog dial 5) hard wired springboard vs changeable springboard 6) os 3.5.2 vs 3.1.1

    woopie! They hardwired a visorphone into a visor and included a keboard and jog dial. Big deal. Look at the zaurus, or nr70, that's innovation!
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    I really hope that the Treo 180 is just their low-end model. Most companies bring out a basic model to test the waters first. Then they bring out the power user models 6months to a year later. I truly hope this is Handspring’s plan. I’d love to see an OS 5, hi-res., SD/MMC enabled Treo fall 2002 or spring 2003. I have an in-law that works for Samsung in Korea and he says they are working on such a beast. I don’t know when it will be out but Handspring should listen to the competition coming up from behind.
    I still say it needs a springboard slot. Nothing is impossible, or even unpossible. It just takes engineering dollars and time and Handspring is running short on both. Oh well I will still dream of a Treo that doesn’t make me through away all my expensive springboard modules.
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