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    Anyone had any luck using MSN as their dialup ISP from Treo?

    I have heard that you have to take your username and preface it with MSN/ (some people say lowercase and others say all CAPS?)and that not all of the MSN dialup numbers accept analog dialup at 9600 to make a PPP connection?

    Anyone got experience with MSN as an ISP and in what locations?

    I am in California.
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    I don't know from experience, but I'd swear I had heard/read somewhere that MSN is one of the few services that you can't connect to with anything other than their special dialer/software on your desktop.

    I know that Earthlink used to (and probably still does) require a special prefix such as ELN/ on the username when dialing with something other than their dialer, but I doubt MSN is the same thing.

    Sorry I can't actually help. :\
    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    I have no idea if this will work with a Treo, but there is an Apple knowledgebase article (42716) and a Microsoft support document (Q221462);en-us;Q221462 that describe how to connect to MSN from a Mac. Maybe a similar process will work for the Treo. The Microsoft document even has a link to find dial-up numbers in your area. (I didn't post the URL for the Apple article because you have to register to use the Knowledgebase, but you should be able to search by the article number.)
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    I did a litle further Google digging and found this useful article on Intel/Xircom support site - I added my comments too...

    XircomŪ SpringPort 56K GlobalACCESS Modem Adapter Module

    Below is a list of connectivity suggestions and/or issues with different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) when using the SM56GA or SWD and a Handspring Visor. General connection settings can be found at, the maker of Multimail, in the support center. The information contained at the site should be for reference only. All ISP settings should be verified through the ISP's Technical Support Department.

    AOL will work only with their software for the Palm OS, which is available from (Note: Xircom does not provide support for third party dialers).
    MD - This is AOLAnywhere - parts of it require Palm OS 3.5.

    MSN will allow connection but you cannot download email. The mail servers for MSN require the use of Outlook Express, which is not provided on the Visor, to receive messages. Also, you must have a "msn/" in front of username.
    MD - some people say the prefix should be MSN/ (uppercase)

    Most non-fee ISPs require additional software to access any network resources. Please check with the ISP for information about support for the Palm OS.
    MD - They actually check the browser tag on th way in and then terminate the connection if it cannot be used for advertisments. If you could spoof the browser tag...

    CompuServe will work, but you will need additional script information to connect. This information can be obtained through CompuServe's Technical Support.
    MD - the script is listed here

    Send CR:
    Wait for: Host Name:
    Send: CIS^M
    Wait for: User ID:
    Send User ID:
    Wait for: Password:
    Send Password:
    Send CR:

    MD - I also hear that only Compuserve traditional works and not Compuserve 2000.

    Mindspring should work. Users must verify their username, password, and connection settings.
    Earthlink should work. Users must have "eln/" in front of username.

    MD - I think the eln/ requirement may have gone away.

    AT&T WorldNet (regular service) should work. Note that AT&T WorldNet's login name may be different than that of the username. Also note that the i4.95 plan requires ad banners and cannot be supported on a PDA. Any "special" or "discount" program that requires an ad banner cannot be used on a text-based application.

    MD - I have used the AT&T dialer and it works great. The only thing is that it tries to compete with your network preferences for who is the default dialer. If you touch either application the precedence as default dialer goes to that program. This is a pain sometimes.

    It is recommended to have an ISP that does not use a software dialer. Most local ISPs do not use software dialers.
    Note: The SM56GA does not support K56Flex connection. It will only support V.90. If the modem you are attempting a connection to does not support V.90, then the SM56GA will drop down to a V.34 connection (33k to 28k).

    The best source I know of for ISP infor for wireless mobile use is: I know this is 'Palm OS sacrelige' to mention the enemy system on this board but the site does have a kick *** list of ISP information in the FAQ section.
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    I found out a little more on MSN. MSN accounts allow you to have several usernames and logins. However, only the first one (the main one) can be used when you are dialing up with a Palm OS device. Weird but true.

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