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    The promotion lasts until the end of the month. If only I weren't in love with the color cdma...
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    Now I have a dilemma. I had not even considered the Treo because of the price. I was all getting set to replace my 2 1/2 year old Deluxe with a Pro. And now this! Do I say goodbye to the springboard slot and expandability?

    I suspect I will be obsessing over this until the 31st.
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    Yes, you'd be giving up expandability. But, the real question is, have you really been USING the expandability you've always had? Sadly for Handspring, most Visor owners never bought a springboard. The vast majority of those who did, simply got the backup or 8meg flash modules. I'm not saying you didn't buy any useful springboards, but... did you? If you did, do you really use them regularly, or could you probably get along without them just fine? Wouldn't the 16megs of RAM in the Treo be enough for the things you really need? (dude, I have the entire 4 Tolkein books, some other books, a bnch of stupid TealMovie Movies, several various web browser/ebook apps that I'm testing, and STILL have room to spare on top of all my regular mandatory apps.)
    At $150 off from MSRP, this is a really good deal that should be taken advantage of. Sure it will go down in price later, but how MUCH later? and how much will the price drop at that time?
    I love my Treo.
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    My biggest hesitation is COLOR. If I sign up for one year of service etc, then what do I do to upgrade to color? I will have to but it without service...
    Well I could always give the B&W tot the wife?
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