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This is not my week for PDA. I'm at my wits end on this one and I'm hoping someone can help.

My computer seems to have completely forgotten how to hotsync with the Prism. Yesterday, I pressed hotsync and the PDA timed out, and the little USB icon showed up in the tray. It seems like the OS didn't know what sort of device was on the USB. The HotSync Manager never popped up.

I exited HotSync and ran the VisorUSBClean program thinking something had just gotten screwed up in the registry, and then reinstalled the PalmDesktop (I believe that has a driver install in it or something as well). That didn't work. The same thing happened. I've tried various permutations on VisorUSBClean, Desktop Install, power up/down, etc. Since then, just once I've managed a hot sync, but just one, and then the OS forgot about it again.

Has anyone seen anything like this? I'm running out of things I can try.