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    My wife and I just got Palm Pre's. On our old 700wx, when I started typing someones name, it would bring it to the top of the list so I could choose/select contacts with the key strokes I selected. For instance, I have my sister and her husband listed as Trent & Sarah Ho*****. On the old 700wx, if I started typing Sara, it would bring them to the list along with all the other "Sara" in the contacts (first or last name).

    On the Pre, it doesn't do this. Am I missing something or can I adjust a setting?

    This feature really comes in handy when you only remember someone's last name or their first name and want to search for someone.

    Please tell me it isn't so!
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    If you type Trent, Ho*****, or tho the contact will show up. Sarah will not show up because it only searches for the first part of the first or last name. You can work around this by making Sarah a middle name or make separate contacts.
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    you can also put Sarah as the nickname
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    use the nickname option.
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    I will try that. Thx.

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