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    I'm new to treo and would like to avoid using the stylus in datebook and todo list. Is it possible ?

    How do I move from one item to another in todo list ? With stylus I cap tap and select the item. How do I do it with keyboard ?

    In datebook how do I move from say 3pm to 4pm..?

    Is there any resource which lists all these shortcuts ?
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    As far as I can tell, that kind of moving is not possible. You can move between items in an input form with the scroll buttons, but this only works in the core-4 apps that Hansdspring has enhanced for the Treo. Even with PowerJog for Treo, it's easier to just tap the appropriate part of the screen with my fingertip.

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    If I use fingertip won't it affect the sensitivity of the screen ? Is it a common practice among treo users ?
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    affect the sensitivity? heck no.
    At the worst, you might scratch the screen if you have dirty fingernails and a piece of dirt gets into the wrong spot when you tap or scribble with your nail. More commonly, you'll get fingerprints on your screen.
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