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    Hi. When I go out of range with my Treo (into the tunnels around Houston, for instance) I get the blinking red light. Normal. When I get back into the open, the red light will not go away! Even when I leave it on my bed stand over night in an area where it normally has full reception, it still doesn't give me the green blinking light. What is going on here? Any help is infinitely appreciated. Thanks.
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    There are a couple of posts where this is discussed. Sorry I don't have the links for you but the only answer was to toggle wireless mode off then on again.
    It's incredibly aggrevating, as you never know if it's on or off.
    Last night, mine appeared to turn itself off (wireless mode) with zero notification. I'm not sure what the problem is, but if you have any clues please post, we need help.
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    The exact same thing happened to me, when I called Voicestream they handed me off to Handspring, where the tech told me that it was a known problem and promptly sent me a replacement. This didnít help, although itís a little better, I still have to power off and on my device to get it to act right.
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    Yep I've noticed the same problem twice now. Which is by no means all the time it goes out of range. I think I finally have a legit reason to get a replacement. But I'm waiting for a newer version of the treo to be confirmed, maybe one where they fix those annoying freezes!
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    I've been dealing with this from the beginning. I assumed it was normal behavior. I've never waited long enough to see when the light switches back to green, so I'm not sure if mine would stay red as long as yours does.

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