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    Originally posted by jrsites

    I don't remember for sure, but it seems to me a StarTac isn't any thicker than a Treo, so I'd imagine it's pretty loose in the case if you "flap" it with the StarTac.

    I think it depends which battery(s) you have on the Startac - with the extended battery I think it's a bit thicker than the treo...

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    Since I ended up having both the Brookstone case and the HS case (whatever they call it) in my possession at the same time, here are my impressions. In two words: Brookstone – nice, HS – ugh.

    The Brookstone is well-made and the leather looks classy. The HS (made by incase) front and back are a graphite colored nylon, with dimpled rubber-feeling material along the bottom and side edges, looking more casual. I was surprised to find that the HS fits with the same level of snugness (for better or worse) as the Brookstone. And maybe it would wear in, but the flap on the HS doesn’t even come down far enough to cover up the Velcro on the case, unless I really push and pull hard.

    Also, the flap on my copy of the HS shows really lousy workmanship. Where the end should look like a smooth curve (like a semicircle), instead it looks like a polygon with 4 straight sides each of different length. In other words, the pattern cutting for the flap looks like a real hack job. (A picture would be worth a few hundred words, so I’m sorry I don’t have a digital camera.)

    In terms of protection the Brookstone does a pretty good job. The bottom outside corners are cutout, but since the treo bevels in here, the bottom corners are not really exposed. Because the side of the case comes up to the top of the jog, and the flap is only cut in slightly, the top left corner is only slightly exposed. The antenna is obviously exposed, as is the top right corner, to about ¾” down the side.

    But I am totally clueless about why they designed the HS case the way they did. The sides don’t come up very far – they only come up to the bottom of the indent for the jog. And the flap is cut in more than for the Brookstone. So the top left corner of the treo is exposed slightly, as is the top 1+¼ “ of the left side. The right side is much worse. Not only is the antenna exposed but a good sized chunk of the corner is exposed – a right-angled triangle measuring over an inch each along the top and side. Even a little piece of the transparent screen cover is exposed.

    To put it another way, the Brookstone is like a short-sleeved T-shirt on the treo, while the HS is more like a sleeveless undershirt.

    One last thing. Since I take the subway 10 times a week, and sometimes it’s very crowed, I worry a little about wearing a clip, rather than a closed loop (w/ or w/o a clasp that opens). Do you think that is paranoid? Also I think an adjustable loop is more comfortable – about the only plus I find to the HS case.

    So in case (no pun intended) you couldn’t guess, I am calling to return the HS case tomorrow.
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    So Marco.... you left out the most important piece of information. Are you a Tucker or a Flapper?

    It's really important to me as I add all "Tuckers" to my prayer list as their practice has such added liability.
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    Originally posted by riverbruce
    So Marco.... you left out the most important piece of information. Are you a Tucker or a Flapper?

    It's really important to me as I add all "Tuckers" to my prayer list as their practice has such added liability.
    I use the flap, as God intended. But feel free to add me to your prayer list nonetheless - I can use all the help I can get.

    BTW: you appear to be in a kayak and the next message is from kayac in Spain. Is there some sort of insidious screw-roll conspiracy at work here?
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    Originally posted by kayac
    Check this one (It's my own case).
    Sorry, Kayac. Can't seem to get there from here.
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    sorry for the incomplete link. This one is ok. Let me know your impressions...
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    Originally posted by marco
    To put it another way, the Brookstone is like a short-sleeved T-shirt on the treo, while the HS is more like a sleeveless undershirt.
    Marco, after reading endless comments on the, unfortunately, not so endless variety of cases available for the Treo, I have to say that your description of both cases is the best I've read so far - especially as to your comparison to clothing. I'm now sure it's safe to say that we're all waiting for the Treo 3 button suit case as well as the casual Friday case.

    (Oh, and RB and PP, know that I have now joined the faithful and will be united with my brookstone case tonight when I return home. Time will tell, however, if I turn out to be a tucker or a flapper/innie or an outtie?)
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    I've been getting annoyed at how I'm always having to twist funny to look at my case on my belt to make sure I have it in right, or to plug in the headset when the Treo is in the case and stuff. I've also been contemplating my future custom case and if I want the Treo oriented vertically or horizontally. I also just happen to have a fairly wide belt (well, 1.25" I think, maybe 1.5").

    So, just to see how it would work, I punched a vertical slot in my belt (home made belt, of course, and I can make another if the slot becomes a problem in the future, so I'd say don't try this at home unless you're a leathercrafter like me). This slot is just wide enough for me to slip the belt clip of the Brookstone case through it such that the case it oriented horizontally. I must say, this is MUCH nice than having it clipped on vertically. I can slip the Treo out of the case in one quick motion with much more confidence than I could before. I think it's because as I slip the Treo out with my thumb and forefinger, it's becoming cradled by my entire hand. I then flop it face out in my hand to use it. Getting the Treo back in isn't quite as easy, but it's definitely no more difficult than when the case is vertically oriented. I'm going to use my Brookstone like this for a while to determine if this is a good orientation in the long run. If it's more prone to coming open in this position then I'll have to give it some more thought. so far, though, I'm loving this. If anyone else has a single-layer heavy leather belt that they don't mind cutting into, I highly recommend giving this a try. I could also make simple leather sleeves with an extra layer for the Brookstone case to clip to, for anyone else who's dying to use ther Brookstone in this fashion (and wants to send me $10 or $15 the "adapter" that I'm envisioning). Actually, now that I think about it, a leather sleeve with a slot would be better, since that would still avoid modifying the actual belt, but provide the friction with the belt needed to keep the case in one place...

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Point is, horizontal is cool!


    PS. Only for flappers. :\
    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    I thought we might have worn out this thread (does that mean it has become thread-bare?), but I guess not. What about other cases made for StarTACs? Do those kiosks in malls sell cases, or just phone face plates? What kind of things do they sell in a Motorola store? Has anyone done the definitive search? (Have I just been volunteered?)

    Anyway, I checked Wilsons Leather and they have a nice looking leather case on sale for $15. The URL is:

    (sorry if my copy and paste may not have quite worked out).

    My main concern is whether or not the cutout for the antenna cuts "in" far enough.

    The third store near me that I called said they have one in stock and I will check it out over the weekend. (They are also fairly ubiquitous in major airports.)
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    Just got this from the folks at Promaxwireless:

    In response to your query on TREO model, we are grateful to announce that the Holster for TREO will be available for the price of $29.95 on 4/26. If you are interested in purchase the holster for Treo prior to our online store open, please feel free to contact us at (713)974-2277 ext 106, we can preorder the Treo Swivel Clip Holster and sent it out to you as soon as we have it inventory.

    Sorry for any inconvenience you may have been caused, and, thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Promax Wireless Products,

    Angela Liou
    10415 Westpark Dr. Suite B
    Houston, TX 77042
    Fax: 713-361-1302
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