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    Out of nowhere this afternoon the earpiece on the flip lid stopped working. This is the second time this has happened, the first time I sent my phone in for a replacement, and now the replacement developed the same problem. I never slam shut the phone, and I'm always careful of closing it. I've notice a few other people mention similar problems, and I'm just wondering if i'm having a bad string of luck. I've noticed my phone also getting lousy reception compared to my old Nokia 8290. There are many areas where I carry both phones, both with sim cards installed, and I'll have good reception on the Nokia, while I'll have lousy or no reception on the Treo. I love the treo, but I'm having too many problems, and I'm now thinking of getting rid of it altogether. Thoughts, suggestions?
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    vandoc, it's reassuring in a way to hear your side-by-side comparison of reception--when I complained about the Treo's very intermittent and unpredictable reception (4 bars suddenly becoming no bars, etc.), some folks here asserted that that was just standard GSM behavior. I have a hard time believing that's the case.

    For me, the problems have not been so severe that I would consider going back . . . too many amazing things about this little unit! But you may have even worse reception than I do, depending on your location.


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