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    I realize that you can access main menu items using the keyboard, but is there a way to access the the little "category" menus in the upper right of many apps? I know that some apps, such as To-Do or SMS, cycle through that little menu by repeated pressing of the button used to launch the app, but what about ones like in Prefs? It seems like this would be a great place for the job dial to be used, but alas.
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    Yep. It would be nice. That's pretty much why PowerJog was invented. The jog wheel and other input methods are just not as well implemented as they could be. Load up the beta version of PowerJog if you haven't already. When you choose "Buttons" from the PowerJog menu, you can access on-screen buttons of all kinds, including pick lists.

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    Thanks, but I already tried and dumped PowerJog. I found that it took to many steps and too much time to execute commands with it. I like simple, simple, simple. And fast.
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    I agree with you. That's why I leave it turned off on my device. I doubt I'll bother keeping it when the beta expires. Unfortunately, for the kind of functionality you're talking about, the apps themselves need to be written to react a certain way to the jog wheel inputs. If they don't already, nothing can make them do it.

    HandyShopper2 recently added very nice jog wheel support. In HS2, if you press in the wheel, it enables the "no-stylus" mode. Moving the wheel up and down moves the item selection up and down, and pressing the wheel checks the item off, or unchecks it if it's checked. It's great to go shopping with the lid shut on my Treo, and just use the Jog wheel (dial, rocker, whatever ;-) to go through my list and check things off, never having to tap the screen or even open the lid.
    Before this new support, the jog wheel only scrolled up and down by pages like the scroll buttons do.
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    Gotcha. I can hardly wait until the wheel gets fully integrated. It's so silly to have it right there, always available, and yet rarely accessed.

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