OK. I'm 6 weeks in now. I've installed, uninstalled, hard reset, etc. umpteen times. Here's what I've learned, in the hopes that it will benefit the newbies out there:

* I like Greenlighthack but it makes some other things unstable. When its not installed my treo is pretty stable.
* Tetris stopped crashing when I took Greenlighthack off and reinstalled Tetris.
* I like the concept of iDial, but it uses the same key combo as Switcheroo, and I like Switcheroo better (it rocks).
* BugMe won't automatically go into text (i.e. keyboard) mode if Jot is installed. This isn't really a show stopper, but without Jot you can call up Bugme (which is Opt-space B in my Switcheroo config) and just start typing. It's great if your short term memory is as bad as mine.
* I didn't use Jot at all so I uninstalled it.
* I used Silverscreen for a while, but it was slow. Now that I use Switcheroo I almost never go to the app launcher (except to delete things).
* I'm using Buttons-T to reassign buttons. I just like the "prefs" interface better than the one for TreoButton and I don't need to assign contacts to a button.
* I'm running X-master as my hack manager - only hack is Switcheroo.
* I ran ClockPop but thought it was causing crashes. Now I think it was related to Greenlighthack, but haven't reinstalled it yet.
* I ran TreoMail for a while but can't live with the requirement to keep my laptop running on the network to deliver my mail. So I went back to using Cingular Xpressmail and just do mail online when on the road, plus use PalmMail to sync my mail when I'm in the office.

Other things I'm running with no issues:

Hope this helps.