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    Am I the only one or is it a pain that you cannot put the phone into speaker mode before the call connects? I dig the speaker but it is kinda dorky waiting for the call recipient to say hello a couple of times before you get it turned on. The sweet part of the speaker phone is hands free op on the road... but sometimes if you are busy behind the wheel, you hope they don't hang up before you can get to the cool spacebar shortcut Greg G. found.

    Now if I could only find that darn Easter egg

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    I agree completely!
    A person should be able to turn on the speaker phone mode, and THEN start a call, being able to hear everything from the ringing of the phone to the goodby and hangup at the end of the call.
    My other complaint is that while the speakerphone is good enough for a room, or a car when it's sitting still, there's too much road noise in my Caravan for the speakerphone to work very well. I would love to have a full on speaker and mic hookup that the Treo can plug into. Something made for a Nokia with that special plug would be nice, but it's a safe bet that Nokia mounts are going to use the stupid connector at the bottom. :\
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    Yes, I have a feeling that you and I are not the only ones waiting for the car kit!

    Does anyone know of a suggestion address for the Treo @ HS?

    Would be nice to get them working on stuff like this, probably a software patch or maybe even a hack?

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7

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