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    For anyone else with VoiceStream service - have you noticed that when you reply to an email which comes in via SMS the inbound email center number is something like 503. If you just reply to this the SMS replies to the email address because VoiceStream match up the email address. VS Support tell me that they remember the email address for 72 hours. Cool feature eh? This gives you extra space in your replies because you dont have to send the email address again - the email address is normally counted as part of the body of an SMS-to-email.
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    Yes, that IS cool.

    And, excepting an infuriating MULTI-DAY network prob with Voicestream here in N. CA (grrrrr!), I've been impressed with the speed of SMS phone-to-phone and phone-to-e-mail and visa versa.

    One thing that's pretty neat is that if you log into the VS or T-Mobile Web site (I forget which one), you can actually change your phone e-mail address to anything you want So I changed it from the default ( to

    Since I own my own domain ( and have control over e-mail aliases, I set "" to automatically forward to my new address, and when I reply back to people, they see the address as "" -- much nicer than the old address!


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