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    My family lives in the midwest and is on verizon with a family plan. I live in Los Angeles but when I saw that verizon was getting an even better pre and then with the change in teh sprint contract as of the first of the year. I jumped at the chance to leave sprint and add my line to my families family plan on verizon. I ran down to the local verizon store and had them look up my familys plan. They said it was locked because i wasn't the owner of the plan, but that they could set me up with my own plan and phone and then my father could merge my number into their family plan. So i set up my new account, ported my number over and left with my pre plus.

    I got home and called my father and gave him the 800 number verizon gave me to have him call and get my account merged with their family plan... heres where the fun started. The woman ran down all the steps to move my plan to theirs... then said "oh wait... you can't your in the trust market." so he called me back and said they can't merge me to them. That i would have to cancel my contract at verizon. Then he could go into a verizon store there and add my line and mail me the phone. This doesn't work for me because i would be without a phone while it was in the mail. It also seemed completely ridiculous that i was a verizon customer and he was a verizon customer yet we couldn't merge the accounts. So i called the 800 number to try and resolve the situation.

    I was informed that my family will not be verizon customers much longer. Due to the alltel merger verizon is now a bit of a monopoly apparently. So they are being forced to sell off some of their customers/network. So my family is in limbo at the moment till att sprint or whoever buys their contracts. Then they will become members of that carrier. So while they are in limbo it is not possible to merge my account with them. Nor would i want to as i'd be sold to a carrier not of my choosing.

    Now with this new information I am setup on an individual plan and cannot be merged with my family. Verizons plan is quite a bit more expensive than sprints. So I will be porting my number BACK TO SPRINT, i am amazed that verizon can sell off their customers like cattle without there consent. I informed my father and he is going to attempt to cancel their contracts and move to sprint. But as their account was locked when i went into the verizon store, and based on what i've read online. He is likely unable to access or change his account till they are sold to another carrier and with no buyer they are stuck in verizon limbo.

    I just wanted to pass this story on to anyone considering switching to verizon. Something to consider.
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    unfourtunate. Happens everyday to every carrier though. Used to have to tell people that they couldn't upgrade their art line cause of it.
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    I feel your pain. My family is on an Alltel account that got merged over on July 21 09 to verizon. Funny thing is we cant get any of the Verizon plans because we have Alltel devices even though we can buy outright a Verizon phone an activate it on our Alltel calling plan. I wanted to pick up the Pre Plus on Monday as my line was out of contract. But the guys at Verizon told me I would have to switch to a Verizon calling plan and my Parents would have to switch there hones out to a Verizon one but they would honor the 2 year price plus nock off an additional $30. Thing is my parnes will not give up there phones, they love them and Verizon does not carry that model anymore.

    So the Manager tells me to buy the Pre Plus at $600 and he will activated it on our Alltel plan in place of my HTC Touch Daimond. To me that ridiculous. So I had to kee fighting with Verizon Manager in the store and at the 800#. I kept at it all day till I finally was forwarded to the Regional rep and he meet me at my local Verizon store sold me the Pre Plu s at the 2 year price and activated it on my Alltel calling plan.

    Sorry to vent but basically just keep at it. You will eventually get someone who will make it happen for you. Also you could always have your parents change there service address on the Primary Line to your address which would thus move them out of that market.
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    unfortunately, this is more a function of what regulators require in order to approve of these big mergers. Although I don't recall the specific details, here is basically how that went...

    There were traditionally two carriers in each market (RBOC + IXC). Originally the IXC was AT&T, but they sold their licenses because they didn't see the potential (this was a looong time ago - late '80s maybe?). The companies that bought their licenses were the Cellular One-types. Most of which have been merged with others to form giants like VZ. Same with the RBOCs as they were acquired and/or traded off their spectrum.

    As cell phones moved to digital and changed spectrum(s), more wireless providers were able to build into these markets and create competition with new infrastructure, and with roaming agreements with other carriers.

    But, with VZ and AT&T becoming such giants, it is possible for them to practically own a market, so in some cases they were required to trade/sell parts of their network to a competitor. At the moment, I don't know that anyone is shopping for presence in new markets since the economy is so poor. Sometimes it also makes sense because they end up with redundant infrastructure in a market... So VZ wants to get all the Alltel customers into VZ plans and VZ phones, because they bought AllTel for the customers, not the towers.

    Anyway, the same is true for mergers of the biggest cable companies. In some cases, they are required to sell off certain markets. Sometimes they trade them to keep their markets contiguous for better efficiency. You guys might need to coalesce around AT&T for a while until it settles down, unless you can all manage with Sprint. I'm not a fan of AT&T, I'm just saying that these "trust market" issues may take another year. By then, smaller carriers are likely to start merging or be acquired by Sprint or whoever has the cash to grow through acquisition. Too bad the VZ store didn't tell you that.

    If you still want to be on VZ, have your parents set up a new phone for you. You have 30 days to use your current number. At that point you should be able to port your number to the plan your dad buys, and cancel your other plan within the 30 days.... I think...

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