I recently asked whether developers or users would prefer to make and take app requests as well as cool $$ here. At the risk of looking like a salesman, I called the owners of micropledge.com....

1) For those who don't know it is a bounty system (nice one too)
2) The owners stopped development on the site to focus on other projects because Paypal doesn't like escrow. They recommended modifying the code to use alertpay instead. I suggested the possibility of paying into a site account instead.
3) They are selling the source code for licensed use for $7500.
4) It runs on python (web.py) and has a PostGreSQL back end.

This should really be tailored for Palm WebOS development projects (apps, customization, etc). The "open" or "community-factor" would be very nice and yet it still allows for closed source projects to be undertaken. I understand it is pricey but wish just some of that money palm is throwing to the most downloaded app could be used for this. Perhaps micropledge will be a flexible if you include advertisement for the owner.

What do you think?>>Anyone

You can still check out the sandbox at sandbox.microplege.com

Here's my Original post and poll (needs to be closed)