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    With the announcement of the ipad, could we ever see a Palm Pad? WebOS is a great operating system that I believe could easily be converted to this format. I would use it for my home computer needs.

    Tell me what you think!
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    tablets, pads , whatever you wanna call them are horrible ideas. They are to awkward for everything and never sell well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    tablets, pads , whatever you wanna call them are horrible ideas. They are to awkward for everything and never sell well.
    the apple tablet will sell... because it has an apple on the backside. the inside and the os doesn't matter for many people as long as they got that f'ing apple on their device. it's like the stockholm syndrom. (iphone is a great phone but not the best, ipod is a great mp3 player but not the best., and both is way overpriced)
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    I'm sure Palm would do a much better job than Apple looks like it has. I was expecting them to really raise the bar on the slates but that doesn't look to be the case.
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    nothing really impressed me about the ipad except for the price. i think for the price its pretty much the best (at least in terms of coolness lol)....and i only say pretty much bc they didnt mention any mutitasking. dont get me wrong, i'm not a fan of apple....only stating that the starting price is very reasonable for what seems like a good product
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    never like the other guy said horrible idea.
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    IMO Palm will come out shortly with the PalmBook and then may enter into or assist light computers. It would be a win win for palm and they could leap into a large market again like they use to have. The programs they have out now are auto scalable so many would work with a larger screen. We can only hope.
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    If they call it a "pad" anything I'm not buying it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProwlerTM View Post
    Could we ever see a Palm Pad?
    Hopefully not. Palm does not have the resources to juggle too many balls. Palm needs to stay focused on devices that will actually sell. Smartphones.
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    Will be interesting to see it all unfold.
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    a WebOS tablet would be much more interesting than the iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmprotection View Post
    a WebOS tablet would be much more interesting than the iPad.
    I agree. webOS would be the perfect OS for something like the iPad.
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    I reckon they should enter into talks with JooJoo, **** of the O/S JooJoo is currently using and put WebOS on that device.
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    I cant see them branching out of the smartphone market until they have a major success. They really need to start generating their own capital so they are less reliant on investors (see elevation partners). I think it would be pretty interesting to see what palm would come up with in the tablet arena but I really want to see them make a killer phone before that happens. WebOS is an awesome os but it just needs some stellar hardware to complete the package.
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    I would love to see it, but IMHO I dont see it happening really soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by zulfaqar621 View Post
    that was fckn funny... lol
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    I think that, within Palm there's probably a very strong desire to build such a device, consider that it was Jeff Hawkin's creation and that it basically was a protoype of the netbook concept.

    You could say that when looking at the objectives and the capabilities of the much more "modern" Chrome OS, they line up very nicely with what Palm accomplished with the Foleo back in 1997 (near instant on, for instance) but without the mobile companion focus that the Foleo had; Chrome being more net focused.

    However, when Elevation Partners took their stake in the company the nixed the Foleo and since then Palm has canceled all of its other projects (PDAs, Windows Mobile Phones) to exclusively focus on WebOS based phones. Both the Foleo and WebOS were/are based on similar Linux kernels, so it's possible the Foleo OS could've been the foundation of WebOS as well. I actually just saw a Foleo go on eBay, so maybe someone has access to the devices now and could answer that question.

    Personally, I think Elevation will pressure Palm to finish their full phone line-up before they release a smartbook, tablet or "mobile companion" device of any sort. However, given how long the C40 tag has been kicking around Sprint's database it's hard to speculate as to what type of device it might be, and I don't think it would be unfair to consider that it might be a "larger device" than a phone.

    However, one thing that Palm *does* have to be credited for is keeping a much tighter grip on its product leaks than it used to.
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    It's inevitable palm will eventually enter the tablet market. The webOS fits into this category perfectly. The only hurdle I see at this point is money... or should I say lack of..... Palm will probably wait for a market to develop.

    Maybe some time next year....
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